Thun Hospital Manages Everything on One Single Platform: MatchPoint

When the Thun Hospital was looking for a new content management platform, the goal was to improve internal information flows, to make relations more visible across the organization, and to increase productivity.

MatchPoint allows us to easily manage project and contract spaces across departments on our SharePoint Platform.
— Ueli Dummermuth, Head of IT, Spital STS AG


MatchPoint helped the IT to unify several areas of information into one single, coherent platform. Initial challenges concerning the reuse of information across SharePoint applications and the need to ensure long-term platform scalability without the risk of increasing administrative overhead could be mitigated thanks to the MatchPoint toolset.



The Spital STS AG is a network including the Thun, Zweisimmen and Saanen hospitals as well as Klinik Erlenbach. Spital STS AG decided to migrate the intranet to SharePoint,replacing the File Server Storage step by step in order to use DMS functionalities in a new system. Additionally, it should be possible to manage projects on a common platf orm. Spital STS AG was searching for a flexible upgradeable solution that would also enable a professional management of metadata in order to provide evaluations on the status of projects or the validity of contracts across various departments. An additional goal was to improve access to key documents on the
intranet, i.e. make access more simple and effective. MatchPoint provided solutions to these challenges.


Intranet and Document Management

One initial step was to construct the intranet on to SharePoint together with a collaboration portal. A large number of important documents are available to employees on the intranet, assisting them in their daily tasks. MatchPoint makes it possible that these documents, for example forms, can be saved and managed in the respective department portal where they are created. By allocating a respective characteristic (tag) to the document, it is automatically „published“ on the intranet. The document is, however, not moved to the public area of SharePoint as with conventional solutions; instead the tag means it appears in the relevant views that are configured in the intranet. Should the title or content of a document be altered within internal operations, no further process steps are required. The changes are made available simultaneously in the „Intranet“ view.


Project an Contract Management

MatchPoint project and contract workspaces are created in a second step. Due to MatchPoint, new project workspaces are already tagged when opened and templates for project work can be managed centrally and made directly available to the workspaces. The MatchPoint Role Model also enables the personalised display of content for members of the project team. The ability to access current documents and information in the workspaces makes time consuming requests for the most recent version no longer necessary. Practical web parts that offer an evaluation of the work status or schedule are also available for viewing.

MatchPoint also optimises searches. Not only conventional metadata such as author of a final report or the creation date are automatically displayed in the MatchPoint relationship model, but also all project or contract master data. Overviews on current and closed projects or contracts can be accessed with just one click.