MatchPoint Roadmap Update - Spring 2018 Release

MatchPoint is undergoing quarterly release updates with a reliable, fixed release date and the most important features communicated in advance. If you are planning your next intranet release or are responsible for the lifecycle management of your platform, you will find our roadmap helpful to align your plans with upcoming MatchPoint functionality. New features are available for both MatchPoint on premise and cloud versions, if not stated otherwise.

Please note that CYCL only communicates the most important and commited features for each release. Additional features that are not communicated might be part of a release. If you are a MatchPoint customer and have a good idea or a requirement for a new feature, you are welcome to send us a feature request.


Spring 2018 Release

31 March 2018

New UI
Modern, fresh and lean new responsive UI based on latest technology (SharePoint Framework SPFx, React)

Improved user experience
A new interaction design increases usability and minimizes training effort for new users

Support for SharePoint Framework SPFx
New, modern web parts based on React to build custom MatchPoint applications

MatchPoint for Office 365
Release of the MatchPoint 1.0 edition for Office365