Why MatchPoint - Our USPs

MatchPoint combines a rock-solid foundation based on standardized generic components with a beautiful and intuitive UI that is easy to customize. The benefits are better user adoption, less training effort and lower cost.


Award-winning technology

MatchPoint industrializes intranet development in enterprise environments and simplifies the creation, the roll-out and maintenance of communication and collaboration applications. It is based on a set of standardized, generic solution components that are centrally configurable, extensible and reusable. CYCL has been recognized for its outstanding completeness of vision, the wide range of features and an excellent cost-benefit ratio of MatchPoint with the Gartner Cool Vendor Award.


Most attractive business case

For your SharePoint or Office 365 intranet and collaboration platform, it is clearly verified that MatchPoint offers the most attractive business case (lowest TCO), the best investment protection (sustainability regarding future changes), as well as maximum independence in the choice of your integration partner. Just ask us for our detailed report based on calculations done by our customers to learn more.


Aligned with your intranet vision

With MatchPoint, you can build your intranet in a modular way. MatchPoint unites communication and collaboration in an ideal way and represents content, activities and social connections in relevant business contexts. Thereby, processes and performance will be optimized on an individual, team and company level.


Rapid implementation approach

Consider 80% of the conceptual work like UI design, information architecture and technical specification done. The best experts available have already done that work and we have implemented the results in our product. This lets you cut project risk and cost and shortens your delivery time

Implementation approach.jpg


Match Point is based on mass customization, a well-known industry concept. Robust, mature and extensible components can be combined into a large number of individual, but affordable solutions. The maximizing of the configurability and reusability reduces the effort for individual development, total cost of ownership and project risks. In addition, the release capability is improved with respect to future changes in SharePoint or Office 365 and reduces dependence on developers and implementation partners.

Based on the AIIM Industry Watch SharePoint Report (www.aiim.org) MatchPoint improves an average of 7 out of 10 most-mentioned SharePoint weaknesses in the areas of usability, technical issues, organizational Issues, information management and upgrade issues. MatchPoint reduces the platform and solution complexity as well as the demands on the skills of SharePoint developers and supports governance strategies by improving the SharePoint functionality.


Lowest cost and risk

Our global delivery network offers you a long-term relationship with a local single point-of-contact with certified specialists for first, second and third level support to ensure the highest quality. Behind MatchPoint are more than 500 certified experts working for more than 50 integrators in various countries. This broad access to the best experts and most efficient on-shore and near-shore resources further cuts integration and development cost. Customization and extensions are a based on an agile approach with our generic no-code platform. In combination with fixed cost software assurance and premium support services, this minimizes the risk in your projects and in the long run.


Based on standards

MatchPoint does not interact with any SharePoint or Office 365 code other than through the officially supported API. MatchPoint on premise solutions can be upgraded using our upgrade tools, which are part of the MatchPoint software assurance. Moreover, MatchPoint follows all Microsoft standards and can be used with other third party products or cloud services or even uninstalled, without negative impact on your content.


Enterprise-class performance

With installations in some of the biggest SharePoint farms with up to 100'000 users, MatchPoint is built to perform in very large and complex environments. The total number of customers using MatchPoint as per today exceeds 250, with an average of 3’000 users per customer. MatchPoint is available for SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 as well as for Office 365 and other cloud content platforms and is a mature product with a proven record of accomplishment of highly successful implementations and migrations.


Broad range of extensions

Our technology partners provide state-of-the-art, seamlessly integrated tools and apps to support specific processes, ranging from HR and legal to communications, sales and quality assurance.


Strong commitment and roadmap

CYCL has been founded 1999 and is one of the leading Swiss SharePoint integrators with SharePoint experience since 2001. One of the major goals of our company is to increase the sustainability of your intranet investment. The use of MatchPoint is reducing development, maintenance and migration cost of your intranet applications, which is a substantial mid- and long-term customer benefit.

We continuously improve MatchPoint based on customer feedback and closely follow Microsoft. By using our products, you minimize your risk of losing your application investment even in important transitions, such as the migration to future SharePoint versions or to the cloud.