MatchPoint in the Cloud: Two Stories, One Solution

As one of the fundamental conceptual pillars to build MatchPoint for the cloud, we have analyzed customer requirements for the intranet, collaboration solutions, document and knowledge management over the last 5 years. Some of the results are surprising, the reasons obvious. To make a long story short: we came to the conclusion that one solution is needed to go with two different stories that in the long term will have the same end.


Same requirements, different strategies

First and foremost, it might be surprising that 80% of all requirements regarding any intranet solution or a feature subset thereof (e.g. collaboration, communication) are the same throughout all verticals and all sizes of companies. The priorities for each feature might vary, but the overall need is very similar.

As a close second, the fact that different strategies are pursued in order to implement the required capabilities is well known, but it might be interesting to note that the constant battle between best-of-breed and one-platform approaches is a quite exclusive one, leading to disadvantages with either choice.


The best of both worlds

While it was almost impossible to get around the shortcomings of the above-mentioned strategies in the past (i.e. best-of-breed has to deal with many expensive interfaces and will never be seamless vs. one-platform has shortcomings compared to specialized apps in most areas), the architecture adopted by modern cloud services can be a remedy but comes with new challenges as well.

That is why with MatchPoint for Office 365 and MatchPoint Cloud, we have two stories to tell. You might sympathize more with one or the other, but in the long term, they will lead you to the same place: a world full of cloud services used by your users, and you need to master them (and the content therein) all from a company/IT perspective.


If you are a medium to large company...

or looking for a solution that allows you to implement a “best of breed” strategy, you want to use the best news management tool, the best social feed, the best knowledge management and the best document collaboration solution. In that case, MatchPoint Cloud is your hub to aggregate content from all these services and provides central administration to implement and enforce governance.


If you are a small to medium sized company...

or have an Office 365-only (platform) strategy, you might look for a collaborative intranet solution for Office 365. MatchPoint for Office 365 offers a complete feature set seamlessly integrated in Office 365 – in particular it provides an easy to use and nice look and feel that is quickly implemented and comes as a SaaS without CAPEX.


Office 365: one platform or a collection of services?

Basically, what you should keep in mind, is that Office 365 already today is not only SharePoint anymore, but a collection of multiple products that are merged into one suite. But in the background, there are multiple data sources (SharePoint, Exchange, Yammer, Planner, Video Portal, Flow, PowerApps etc.) and new ones are constantly added. Being able to connect to any content source is the best preparation for future things to come.

Whether you are looking for an intranet or collaboration solution for your Office 365 platform, or would like to provide many cloud services to your users in a controlled way, MatchPoint is the one solution you need