MatchPoint for Office 365

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 5.2.0


  • New filter widget

  • Keyboard support

    • Added possibility to navigate the mega menu using the keyboard

    • Added possibility to navigate the global search using the keyboard

  • Added a compact view to the global search

  • Added a time zone widget

  • Added possibility to deploy Core-app tenant-wide

  • Added possibility to search for mega menu items


  • Improved loading performance of hub page

  • Renamed "Workspaces" to "Sites"

  • Added possibility to use SharePoint search instead of the MatchPoint global search

  • Improved mega menu HTML structure - use semantic HTML

  • Improved global search HTML structure - use semantic HTML

  • Auto rotation is disabled while the cursor is hovering over the image in hero- and slider-widgets

  • Property item mappers can now return a promisable-value that can be used to lazy-load additional data

  • "View all"-buttons for SharePoint Search Data Provider redirects to modern search page

  • Hero widget

    • Better integration of new Condense features (e.g. alert and confirm icons)

    • Show a "create subscription"-UI in case of missing Condense subscription

    • Added a "View all"-button

  • Allow configuration of Condense subscription ID to prevent loading news from the wrong subscription

  • Added support for Italian


  • Mega menu root nodes can be reorded using drag and drop

  • Version picker in config editor shows dates in local time instead of UTC

  • Several other minor bugfixes

This is a silent release.

For more information on the new features please consult our documentation.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 5.1.0


  • Content Items Widget doesn't break if one tab throws an error

  • Styling fixes in refiners/filters

  • Several bug fixes in mobile app

  • Physical pages referenced in the mega menu are marked as active

  • Our side panel sometimes broke the layout of standard SharePoint modern pages

  • Schedule widget didn't work correctly if only one data provider is configured

  • Internet Explorer: Hero widgets shows grid gap


  • User widgets: Enables admins to configure zones where users can place widgets they need

  • Teams widget: List, search and open teams

  • Schedule Widget: Default view and default source can be configured

  • Data Providers cache items in local storage

  • Breadcrumb on modern SharePoint pages

  • In case of a network error, user can try to refetch the data

  • Add a configurable feedback button

  • Provide channel filter for all condense views

This is a silent release.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 4.1.0


  • Mobile app: Root nodes pointing to an external URL are displayed

  • Color picker in "Adjust Theme" is always visible

  • Add some forgotten translations


  • Management

    • The JSON editor for the hub config (ctrl+m) has been moved to the side panel

    • Pages can be edited directly from the "Manage Pages" view

    • General improvements in the "Manage Pages" flow

    • When placing a new widget on the page, it uses the whole width

  • Schedule Widget

    • Add a view that combines all data sources in to one

    • Agenda view isn't limited to the next 30 days

    • "Week" and "Work week" views render an empty calendar if no items are available

  • Hero Widget adjusts font size based on width of section

  • Global search collapses on scroll - this provides more room for the actual content

  • Improve error handling

This is a silent release.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 4.0.0

This is a major version, containing several new features. The most important being the drastically improved configuration options, all available over our User Interface. Also we updated to SharePoint Framework v1.7 and added some new dependencies.


  • Page footer isn't rendered on non-hub pages in the mobile view

  • Several minor fixes for the mobile view


  • Edit your intranet via the user interface, namely

    • Adjust your theme with direct feedback

    • Adjust global settings like logo and hub title

    • Define your page layout using drag and drop

    • Manage your pages

  • Our server API provides a proxy endpoint to prevent CORS issues

  • Global search returns more document types

  • Condense data provider surfaces "My News" if no channels are specified

  • Content items widget: Clicking on the icon opens the item

  • Add splash screen while loading the app for the first time

This is a manual release - all tenants need to be manually updated. Please follow the instructions in our documentation.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 3.2.0


  • Fixed device detection issues that occurred on certain devices

  • Various fixes in mega menu

  • Global search:

    • Fixes in Author filter

    • Search for “*” doesn’t break the app anymore

  • Several other minor fixes


  • First steps in simplifying configurations, incl. Twitter and Yammer feeds, as well as SharePoint Items and SharePoint Slider

  • Provide skeleton loaders

  • Add new Weather Widget

  • Add new Tile Item Template

  • Support Data Sources (next to Data Providers) in Schedule and Slider Widget

This is a silent release.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 3.1.0


  • Lots of minor improvements for our mobile version, e.g.

    • Better support on iPhones

    • Navigation works on every page

  • Lots of minor improvements for Edge

  • Better support for dark themes

  • Browser back button works on our virtual pages

  • Date filters in search have better labels


  • Add built-in support for RSS feeds

  • Content Items Widget is scrollable

  • Error messages can be clicked away

  • Media Gallery better handles small images

  • Parameters can be passed to virtual pages and used as conditions for data aggregation

This is a silent release.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 3.0.0

Features & Improvements

  • Drastically improve performance

  • Update to SharePoint Framework version 1.6

  • Schedule Widget now has a week-view (calendar view)

  • Add planner tasks data source

  • "My Work Widget" displays more document types


  • Fixes for navigation in mobile view

This is a manual release - all tenants need to be manually updated. Please follow the instructions in our documentation

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.8.0

Improvements & Features

  • Config Store keeps the last 10 versions of your configs. You can switch back to previous versions in the config editor.

  • Slider Widget: Can render any kind of item.

  • Schedule Widget: Agenda view displays upcoming events (30 days).


  • Fix bug where missing footer configuration breaks the page.

  • Slider Widget: Displays all images correctly.

This is a silent release.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.7.0

Improvements & Features

  • General: We added a data provider for Dynamics CRM 365 contacts.

  • Search: In the person tile of the people results the mobile number is displayed now.

  • Slider Widget: The tiles can be configured to rotate automatically.

  • Schedule Widget: The "Agenda View" was redesigned and mutliple calendars are supported now.


  • Search - All tab: If screen is too small, columns on the right (workspace and people) are hidden.

This is a silent release.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.5.0

Improvements & Features

  • General: Make it possible to use data providers whenever it's possible to configure a DataSource

  • Search: Improve people result tiles (display email and phone number on tile)

  • Hero Widget - Condense: Add support for playing videos

  • Data Providers / Data Sources: Add data provider & data source for Outlook Tasks *

  • My Work: Add Outlook Tasks to default config *

  • Communication: Change the required permisson from <Contacts.Read> to <People.Read> **

  • Slider Widget: Introduce new widget which can be used to render image galleries

  • Media Gallery: User Slider Widget in default config (instead of list with preview images)

  • Config Editor: Add Keyboard Shortcuts for Save (CTRL + S) and Close (Escape)

* Note :
This feature needs a new Office 365 Exchange Online permission (Tasks.Read).
To use this feature the MatchPoint O365 Core app package has to be upgraded in the app catalog. After that the permission also has to be approved in the SharePoint Admin Center.

** Note :
If you get "Permission denied" exceptions or similar behavior you may have to upgrade the MatchPoint O365 Core app package.


  • Mega Menu: Fix bug that invalid languages were shown in edit mode, when the current language is not supported

  • Mega Menu: Fix that the whole page is not working if a pages array is specified for the hub node

  • Mega Menu: Language selector didn't work correctly in FireFox

This is a silent release.