MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 5.2.0


  • New filter widget

  • Keyboard support

    • Added possibility to navigate the mega menu using the keyboard

    • Added possibility to navigate the global search using the keyboard

  • Added a compact view to the global search

  • Added a time zone widget

  • Added possibility to deploy Core-app tenant-wide

  • Added possibility to search for mega menu items


  • Improved loading performance of hub page

  • Renamed "Workspaces" to "Sites"

  • Added possibility to use SharePoint search instead of the MatchPoint global search

  • Improved mega menu HTML structure - use semantic HTML

  • Improved global search HTML structure - use semantic HTML

  • Auto rotation is disabled while the cursor is hovering over the image in hero- and slider-widgets

  • Property item mappers can now return a promisable-value that can be used to lazy-load additional data

  • "View all"-buttons for SharePoint Search Data Provider redirects to modern search page

  • Hero widget

    • Better integration of new Condense features (e.g. alert and confirm icons)

    • Show a "create subscription"-UI in case of missing Condense subscription

    • Added a "View all"-button

  • Allow configuration of Condense subscription ID to prevent loading news from the wrong subscription

  • Added support for Italian


  • Mega menu root nodes can be reorded using drag and drop

  • Version picker in config editor shows dates in local time instead of UTC

  • Several other minor bugfixes

This is a silent release.

For more information on the new features please consult our documentation.