MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 4.1.0


  • Mobile app: Root nodes pointing to an external URL are displayed

  • Color picker in "Adjust Theme" is always visible

  • Add some forgotten translations


  • Management

    • The JSON editor for the hub config (ctrl+m) has been moved to the side panel

    • Pages can be edited directly from the "Manage Pages" view

    • General improvements in the "Manage Pages" flow

    • When placing a new widget on the page, it uses the whole width

  • Schedule Widget

    • Add a view that combines all data sources in to one

    • Agenda view isn't limited to the next 30 days

    • "Week" and "Work week" views render an empty calendar if no items are available

  • Hero Widget adjusts font size based on width of section

  • Global search collapses on scroll - this provides more room for the actual content

  • Improve error handling

This is a silent release.