MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.3.0

  • Add multi-language support to the MegaMenu (node texts and links can now be translated to other languages)
  • Add "Go to folder" action for documents
  • Display more relevant contacts in the "Communication - Contacts" widget
  • Section titles in the search-flyout now go to the corresponding section when clicking on them (configurable)
  • Improve layout & displayed information for search results in the search-flyout
  • Add better readability for text in the HeroWidget (add fading/shading of background)
  • Use better condition for tasks aggregation (ContentTypeId instead of ContentClass)
  • Add possibility to configure multiple SiteUrl's for SearchDataSourceUserConfigs (i.e. for the HeroWidget, pictures and so on)
  • Fix bug that overriding styles didn't always work as expected
  • Various styling and layout fixes in the MegaMenu (better positioning of buttons, more space for content columns and more)
  • Only change the page title on the Hub Page (and not on other pages, where just the menu/header is visible)
  • Fix invisible text in text fields (e.g. search) when a dark theme is used

This is a silent release.