MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.5.0

Improvements & Features

  • General: Make it possible to use data providers whenever it's possible to configure a DataSource

  • Search: Improve people result tiles (display email and phone number on tile)

  • Hero Widget - Condense: Add support for playing videos

  • Data Providers / Data Sources: Add data provider & data source for Outlook Tasks *

  • My Work: Add Outlook Tasks to default config *

  • Communication: Change the required permisson from <Contacts.Read> to <People.Read> **

  • Slider Widget: Introduce new widget which can be used to render image galleries

  • Media Gallery: User Slider Widget in default config (instead of list with preview images)

  • Config Editor: Add Keyboard Shortcuts for Save (CTRL + S) and Close (Escape)

* Note :
This feature needs a new Office 365 Exchange Online permission (Tasks.Read).
To use this feature the MatchPoint O365 Core app package has to be upgraded in the app catalog. After that the permission also has to be approved in the SharePoint Admin Center.

** Note :
If you get "Permission denied" exceptions or similar behavior you may have to upgrade the MatchPoint O365 Core app package.


  • Mega Menu: Fix bug that invalid languages were shown in edit mode, when the current language is not supported

  • Mega Menu: Fix that the whole page is not working if a pages array is specified for the hub node

  • Mega Menu: Language selector didn't work correctly in FireFox

This is a silent release.