MatchPoint for SharePoint: Version MatchPoint 2016.7.0 / 2016.7.1

Features and Improvements

  • 8530, 9828: Installation Process Improvements and fixes

  • 6318: People picker: display second line of person information

  • 5619: SendMailAction: Support TLS settings of SP2016

  • 7345: TemplateEngine; want to use line breaks in ExpressionFields (1748)

  • 1139: Redirect handler configuration is available in MatchPoint globally


  • 7826: DataGrid - TitleColumn: OpenInDialog does not always behave correctly (1691)

  • 4085: Error on clean Install: Missing Feature Colygon.MatchPoint.PageLayouts

  • 8589: TagInheritance Timer Job: Error when site collection is readonly

  • The MatchPoint CSS is not loaded correctly and as a result, the theming functionality is not working

  • 8698: "Team members" are not visible on the Team workspace welcome page (after upgrade)

  • 8501: Workspaces: Role name in invite email is not translated

  • 7744: Snowflakes: Search in workspace returns error for some items

  • 9449: Themable css for Notifications is incorrect

  • 7858: Workspace invitation email - encoding issue

  • 8405: Workspace: Navigation nodes are rendered wrong if the contain an "&" (#1882)

  • 4933: Newsroom: Ensure ReadLater and Favorites List not working in Powershell Context

  • 8445: Newsroom: Comments for news with ID 6 are displayed for news with id 66 as well

  • 8042: Newsroom, Publishing: Include License in Snowflakes Upgrade Installation as well

  • 3211: Publishing: Google Analytics uses ClientID instead of TrackingID

  • 8284: Publishing: Page likes on Timeline are redirecting to Page item form

  • 8500: Publishing: Renaming streamIds issue after Publishing upgrade

Version Number Change

With this release we changed the version numbers so that the major (first number) component to be aligned with the SharePoint version and that all components of MatchPoint (Framework, Collaboration, Newsroom, Publishing) have the same version number.