MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.4.0

Improvements & Features

  • Show an update notification when MatchPoint updates to a new version
  • Improve the detection of the user language (still depends on the language the user has in SharePoint)
  • Sites / Workspaces: Display an "Open in teams" link / action *
  • Mobile: Show only the widgets defined in the "1" column area
  • Hero Widget: Make the layout of the sections fully configurable
  • Hero Widget: Add possibility to add gaps (padding) between sections
  • Hero Widget: Add possibility to configure auto rotation for sections
  • Hero Widget: Add clickable channels for Condense news
  • Mega Menu: Dislay an edit button in the navigation bar if the user is in the admin role
  • Search: Add possibility to filter items by SharePoint terms
  • MarkupWidget: The ScriptMode now uses string-values instead of numbers in the config

* Note:
This feature needs a new Microsoft Graph permission (Group.Read.All).
To use this feature the MatchPoint O365 Core app package has to be upgraded in the app catalog. After that the permission also has to be approved in the SharePoint Admin Center.


  • Mega Menu: Fix bug that "hubPageKey" was removed when editing the Mega Menu (because of this the mobile view was broken)
  • Mega Menu: If a navigation node is edited in another language than English, the URL is now ensured on both nodes
  • Scheduler Widget: Fix date condition which was applied when the web was created in a different language than English
  • Search: Fixed that visited (clicked) tile-results did have the wrong colors
  • Search: Remove underline on "Close"-button in search refinement
  • Fix bug in "styles"-configuration which made the whole page just be "blank" in Internet Explorer

This is a silent release.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.3.0

  • Add multi-language support to the MegaMenu (node texts and links can now be translated to other languages)
  • Add "Go to folder" action for documents
  • Display more relevant contacts in the "Communication - Contacts" widget
  • Section titles in the search-flyout now go to the corresponding section when clicking on them (configurable)
  • Improve layout & displayed information for search results in the search-flyout
  • Add better readability for text in the HeroWidget (add fading/shading of background)
  • Use better condition for tasks aggregation (ContentTypeId instead of ContentClass)
  • Add possibility to configure multiple SiteUrl's for SearchDataSourceUserConfigs (i.e. for the HeroWidget, pictures and so on)
  • Fix bug that overriding styles didn't always work as expected
  • Various styling and layout fixes in the MegaMenu (better positioning of buttons, more space for content columns and more)
  • Only change the page title on the Hub Page (and not on other pages, where just the menu/header is visible)
  • Fix invisible text in text fields (e.g. search) when a dark theme is used

This is a silent release.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.2.0


  • Fix for the video aggregation in the Media Widget
  • Set TrimDuplicates to false in SharePoint Search
  • Improve user-image loading
  • Increase font size of links in mega menu
  • It's possible to set the page title using the hub configuration
  • Add a MarkupWidget to render simple HTML or images. This can be used to render feeds from social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and co. as well as embed other HTML snippets (e.g. for youtube videos) or to simply display one image and many other things

This is a silent release.

MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.1.0

  • Support for Dutch*
  • Support for French*
  • Locale.js (dates & times) now uses the correct language
  • Big improvements for mobile. The app should now be usable and look good on a mobile device
  • Improvements for UI / behavior in the refiners
  • Removed workaround for AAD calls again since it has now been fixed by Microsoft
  • Various bug fixes

Even though this is a silent release, the MatchPoint O365 Core app still has to be redeployed & upgraded for the new languages to work.

This is a silent release.


MatchPoint for Office 365: Version 2.0.0

  • Serve javascript sources from CDN
  • Enable silent updates (since sources are now served via a CDN). This means the app can be updated without the need for the user to do anything
  • Better mobile support (not yet 100% finished, but the rest of this should come silently when it’s finished)
  • Display footer on pages / sites where only MatchPoint O365 Core is installed (it’s a very subtle line at the bottom)