No More Headaches
With Your Intranet Projects

MatchPoint comes with a great user experience, a full feature set, a fully customizable responsive design and native mobile apps out of the box - all based on Office 365 or SharePoint on-premise. Combined with our standardized delivery process, we make your implementation project short and successful, enabling you to focus on change and agility.

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Use the full power of cloud intelligence

Access relevant enterprise information with your fingerprint from anywhere. MatchPoint provides the most accurate search on the market, lets you navigate rich media content in your preferred language and provides personalized news and widgets to make the intranet your own.

Reach every single person with a tailor-made message

MatchPoint makes it easy to provide specific audiences on their favourite device with the information they need. Our content management features give you full control over your information and enable you to deliver accurate, up-to-date content at any time.

Save time and be more effective in your work

By sharing one common platform with your customers and business partners, you can work within teams, discuss your results online and get immediate feedback. Seamlessly integrated apps and workflows accelerate your processes and give you a better overview.


Be Informed

Communication Reloaded


Get easy access to all digital content across your communication and collaboration tools, save time and be more productive. One place to get work done, stay informed, and quickly find people, information and expertise.MatchPoint Intranets streamline communication, top-down and bottom-up. Executive blogs, official news from corporate communications, HR infos and social feeds flow side by side in independent channels and are delivered in the right context – even on the go.


News Channels

We have adopted classic channel communications and mixed it with social concepts to empower communicators on all levels throughout your organization.


Find information quickly by using your intuition. Filter panels and  mega flyouts are just two of many options MatchPoint offers for efficient navigation.

Authoring Workbench

If you like consistent layout, our templates for news, blogs and web pages are just what you are looking for. Multilingual content and teasers are easily created in our wizard-driven WYSIWYG editor your authors always dreamt of.

Structured Pages

Structure your valuable business information and knowledge on responsive web pages to make it available on any device, any time, any place.

Content Targeting

Our patent-pending metadata technology enriches content with context and makes it more relevant by matching information and people based on their profile.


Interactive reports and powerful analytics provide you with any desired information about your platform, its usage, the impact and reach of content and individuals, with an unimagined granularity and quality and endless possibilities.


Get Connected

Leverage Your Network

By tapping into your network and visualizing it in our interactive org chart, you get the best answers to your customer’s questions. A fully integrated Skype, Teams and Yammer experience helps you to avoid time consuming meetings and stay tuned in your conversations.

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People Directory

MatchPoint locates the people you need to know and keeps track of those whom you work with. It's like a phone book for the enterprise to connect you with your peers.

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Where was that document I saw three months ago? Who knows most about our marketing campaigns? How did that process work again? Find knowledge and experts across your organization.

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Just imagine: social feeds from across your intranet and collaboration spaces in one single filterable feed. A dream come true if you need to know what's going on.



Automatic metadata tagging enriches your collaborative content with business contex. Search everything by product, customer, location, department or any other topic.


Get Work Done

Enterprise Collaboration


Work on documents in workspaces, discuss in communities, get organized in teams. MatchPoint is your collaboration hub and makes you more productive. Standardized workspace templates, an easy-to-use creation wizard and a powerful govenance layer give you all you need to provide controlled self-service.

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Document Collaboration

Co-author and edit documents with your team in Microsoft Office. MatchPoint takes care of versioning, review and approval workflows as well as your document lifecyle. Focus on your work.


Invite people from outside your organization to work with you in your workspaces. With MatchPoint, your information is safe and under control.

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Lifecycle management

MatchPoint makes it easy to govern your workspaces and collaborative content. Configurable parameters let you define archiving rules, review cycles, approval processes and more.



Create and manage workspaces for your projects, teams and communities with just a few clicks. Our workspace creation wizard guides you through.

Workflows and Forms

MatchPoint's integrated workflow and forms functionality makes it easy to support your processes and structured data input electronically and helps you in your digital transformation.

Workspace Templates

MatchPoint provides a powerful workspace template builder to create and manage your specific workspace types without writing any code.