MatchPoint platform

What Do You Want Your Intranet To Do?

The MatchPoint platform consists of a content management system for the management of data stored in any content source inside and outside of Office 365 and a presentation framework for delivering content and data to an Office 365/SharePoint page or an agnostic web page. 

At its core, MatchPoint provides a "managed-code" framework allowing developers and system integrators to rapidly build engaging digital experiences on SharePoint. Based on rapid application development and mass customization concepts, the MatchPoint Framework leverages the latest technologies such as SPFx (SharePoint Framework).Unlike "Intranet-in-a-box" offerings with a one-size-fits-all approach, MatchPoint satisfies enterprise-specific business requirements.

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Unified Editor

Our unified configuration editor, open APIs and support for industry standards make it easy to modify and add capabilities, integrate existing systems and build new apps.

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Expression Engine

Our powerful expression engine gives you access to the entire Office365 object model and lets you access features otherwise locked away for developers.

Connector Framework

Aggregate data using data providers with pluggable interfaces and use it in all MatchPoint components. This makes it easy to show content from various sources on one page.

Taxonomy and Tagging

Connect your taxonomy to line of business systems and minimize manual metadata management. Use your application logic to tag content and build metadata-driven applications.

Generic Components

Reusable, generic and extensible components can be combined into a large number of individual, innovative apps in a declarative way - which means without custom code.

Release Management

The MatchPoint Provisioning Service streamlines the entire solution lifecycle and enables administrators to industrialize release and change management.

Provisioning Service

Create provisioning templates without coding. Our provisioning framework provides an easy-to-use mechanism to implement custom SharePoint Site, Office 365 Group and Team templates.

Workflow KIT

Design document and item-based workflows and user input forms using familiar tools such as Nintex Workflow or Microsoft Flow without writing a single line of code.



Extended Capabilities

Together with our technology partners, we provide a number of integrations with 3rd party products and cloud-based services. This enables you to implement intranet platforms that go far beyond your desktop and to benefit from a growing number of digital services available in the cloud.



Connect Bridge is an integration platform that allows to connect any software through ODBC, JDBC drivers and WebServices with more than 30 pre-made connectors. MatchPoint provides a seamless integration into Connect Bridge based on our ODBC standard connector.

User Engagement

Online support and user engagement can be cumbersome. Long email exchanges, unproductive chat sessions and telephone calls that make it hard to guide the user to the right content. With unblu you can now take your MatchPoint users by the hand, lead them through the intranet, make the conversion efficient and above all leave a lasting impression.

Case Management

Case management lies in the bottom of many business processes. To better support them, BearingPoint has designed a generic case management solution based on MatchPoint, which enables you to seamlessly integrate various case-based processes into your digital workplace.


 FireStart links professional process planning, powerful workflow automation and profound process analytics in one unified Business Process Management System. It has never been easier to develop fully integrated processes that are aligned to your strategic goals.

HR Management

Publish confidential and regulatory HR documents in a controlled environment directly to individual employees and track usage data required for audits and compliance. Following a very simple process, your HR teams can prepare and publish content while the system logs important information such as the publication date, modifications and access by your employees.



Create and manage your contract documents all in one place. Work on a single source of truth in virtual workspaces together with your colleagues. Go step by step through a simple, role-based process, guiding you from draft to signature. Our Contract Management Snowflake enables you to manage contracts of different types throughout their entire lifecycle.

Knowledge Management

Starmind Brain Technology connects know-how across hierarchies, structures and boundaries. It analyses questions posted by employees and automatically routes these to the identified top experts within the corporation. In conjunction with MatchPoint, you get the combined power of linking brain technology with a semantic layer.

Document Automation

Generate complex documents automatically and integrate data, images, tables, dynamic charts, QR-codes and text modules from various data sources, such as SAP, CRM, WebServices or Excel. Using our dox42 connector makes it possible for business users to design Office templates in up-to-date and uniform corporate design fast and flexibly.


MatchPoint seamlessly integrates with Nintex workflows and forms and provides a perfect foundation to automate collaborative processes in SharePoint and build entire applications to support specific and advanced business requirements.