MatchPoint for Office 365

Seamless Integration For Unparalleled User Experience

MatchPoint for Office 365 helps you to engage your employees, drive productivity and empower collaboration. Using our client-side framework, we create digital experiences to run inside Office 365/SharePoint focusing on content creation, content aggregation, navigation and search.


Ready-to-run Intranet

Use the full power of cloud intelligence and the Microsoft Graph to surface content from your entire Office 365 platform and provide it in a beautiful UI on any device.


Brilliant Navigation

Ever felt lost in Office 365? Not with MatchPoint. Even in large organizations and on your smartphone, the information you need is just a few clicks away.


Most Accurate Search

If finding stuff quickly is your top priority, our intuitive search UI is what you need. Metadata drill-downs help you to navigate as easy as on Zalando.


 Authoring Workbench

Create, curate and publish news faster than ever. Plus you can target your audiences and even push your important messages to their smartphones.